By: andy On: April 03, 2020 In: LIFE, TIPS Comments: 0

The Great Pause

A client and friend called our current events The Great Pause. I had not heard that before, but was really inspired by the concept.

A time to pause. To consider. To reflect. Pause before judgement. Pause before acting.

To return back to basics. What is essential in your life? What is meaningful? What is valuable? What are your relationships/ friendships like? What is your work/life balance? Are you happy?

This time is an opportunity to ask ourselves about what we stress over, what can we let go, what isn’t working.

Perhaps this is a time we can be reminded that our career and financial successes are much less important than our health and happiness. Don’t misunderstand, the economic and financial toll of the pandemic is not to be discounted. I realize now more than ever how connected we are- everyone has a story about how their life has been radically affected.

To pause. To be still. To Be.

You know from your yoga practice that moments of stillness are not necessarily easy. Sometimes it’s MUCH easier to keep moving, keep flowing, keep doing. And, yes, to that point, it is good to maintain consistency, keep doing what feels normal. Adjust. But, sometimes we need to just be in the present moment, and observe what’s here. You will notice that a lot arises in stillness. Even discomfort. It’s not always easy “to allow whatever is here to be here”. Being able to sit with discomfort is valuable. Notice the mind’s reactions. Notice how you’re anywhere other than the present moment! It’s ok. Your yoga practice has trained you to keep bringing yourself back to the NOW.

By staying with the stillness, through the discomfort and unease, we begin to see that we can sit with what is here. That it is all temporary. That there is life and it continues on.

We can chose to shift. We can shift our perspective, our thoughts. We can change our behaviors. We can connect with ourselves and each other in an empathetic and compassionate way. And, that regardless, we can be content in the simplicity of our lives.