By: andy On: May 16, 2019 In: LIFE Comments: 0

As I am sitting here writing this, I am keeping 1 eye on the hummingbird feeder. I have yet to see a hummingbird this spring, although my husband claims they have been at the feeder. “Where are they?” “Why haven’t I seen them?” I want to be patient, but I feel so impatient and slighted that I am missing out on something so small, but yet so symbolic of spring. “Shouldn’t they want to see me as much as I am waiting to see them?”

The idea of surrender. To allow. To give up. To abandon. To recognize and remember that we are not in control. That the Universe has a divine plan, and we are on the journey at exactly the spot we should be. That one of our tasks as yogis and people is to trust the journey that is unfolding in front of us. And, by trusting this journey, we allow the unfolding to occur, and this leads to joy. It is in the worry and concern of each happening moment that weighs us down. Our minds are attached to worry and fear, as if by worrying we can stay in the present, familiar moment, stuck in our false sense of reality. There will be times of great stress, as if we cannot see what’s in front of us. Allow yourself to be ok in the unknown, and give yourself permission to not be ok at every moment. The Universe offers experiences when we are ready for them, and will re-route our path as our life unfolds. That’s not to say that every experience we are offered is a “YES”, but an opportunity to observe ourselves, ask important questions and listen intently. It is through listening that we can experience deep peace and knowing. It is not a question of the mind, but a feeling of the heart.

It is not to say that to surrender means to no longer care about the direction your journey will take you. Or that your actions in life matter less. But surrender is a softening into the breeze that is already blowing. You are both being carried along the current, but may pick up another gust and get swept in a new direction. Continue to create and live your best life. Continue to show up with focus and intention. Live your life ON PURPOSE. Go easy on yourself about the achievement of your goals, and the time frame of those achievements. It is the small, profound moments of being ALIVE that will matter more. Do the work. And trust that all is ok.