By: andy On: May 02, 2019 In: SEQUENCE, TIPS Comments: 0

This 5 part yoga sequence is a fun way to build strength for Bakasana or Crow Pose. The sequence is designed to strengthen your hip flexors and core, build arm strength and open the back of your shoulders. The poses could be done 1 right after each other, or built into a more intricate yoga sequence. This sequence is a great representation of my home practice- my version of playing on the mat! Anything can be a yoga pose, if done with intention and integrity- and of course some fun!

This sequence is what happens when I have a Sunday morning with unscheduled time to play on my mat! 🙂 I wanted to create some movements that could be integrated into cultivating more core strength for Bakasana, a pose that I teach often. And the idea of the Eaglet came from a friend and client, who told me recently that 2 Eaglets were born in a nest not far from my house. She photographed awesome images of these 2 little birds (actually not so little!) with their parent.

The Eaglet, learning to spread her wings, is symbolic of all of our journeys. We all have to start somewhere, and learning to fly takes time, courage, patience and consistency. It is not always easy, and there are definitely moments of sweat and tears, but also laughter and fun. The bulk of this yoga sequence is centered around skillful strength and preparation. So much of the time we are working towards a goal, and not actually there, at the peak, celebrating the thing we’ve been working so hard for. If we can let go of expectations of where our personal journey is leading us, we can learn to show up for all of the little steps along the way that hold great meaning. This is an opportunity to celebrate the journey, the effort, the work, the collaboration that brought us to where we are today and to take flight!

Videos taken at Yoga on High Grandview location. @yogaonhigh