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This sequence is a series of twisting poses leading into Parsva Bakasana. Twisting poses are energizing, and fantastic poses to stretch the torso and the hips. This sequence could be a lovely lead-in to backbends, since twists thoroughly warm up the spine. But- be mindful not to overdo the twists and crank on the spine! Instead, strongly contract your transversus abdominis (TA) to stabilize the pelvis and use your obliques to turn the torso around itself. Even if you do not work into Parsva Bakasana, these twists are great sprinkled into your yoga sequence. Include other poses to round out the sequence: Virabhadrasana A (Warr A), Parsvakonasana (Side Angle), Anjaneyasana (Low Lunge), Parsvottanasana (Pyramid), Marichyasana A, Setu Bandasana (Bridge).

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Getting into Parsva Bakasana:

Come into a squat with the legs together. Twist to the left until your right upper arm connects with the outside of your left thigh. Place your hands down shoulder width distance apart (like you would for Bakasana), and bend your elbows back. Lean forward to take weight into your hands and lift the feet off the mat. Hug your legs together as your left thigh balances on your right arm.